Private Dog Park

Wide open spaces to run to their heart’s content!

Let your dog get their sniff on!

We offer a 3 acre, fully fenced off leash play and training park for you and your canine companions.  Whether you are just looking to avoid public dog parks or need a quieter atmosphere to work on your dog’s recall- our private dog park might be what you are looking for!


Ready, Set, Sniff…A few rules to keep everyone happy and safe.

  • Please drive in the yard slowly and park in designated area. This is also our home, boarding facility and hobby yes you might see ducks crossing!
  • Dogs MUST be leashed until completely inside the off leash park. Keep in mind some dogs are here because they are not social or are in training so please keep your distance.  Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave the property with no refund.
  • All visits are by appointment only.  No drops in permitted.
  • All guests must be 18 years of age or older. No children in the dog park please.
  • Please pick up after your dog(s). Garbage and poop bags provided at the front gate to the park. Keep both gates closed.
  • Sanitized bowls and fresh water provided for your K9s. Bottled water available for purchase in the office.
  • This is a natural grazing field. NO running/climbing in the trees or playing fetch with sticks. Watch for uneven ground, dirt mounds, insects etc.   Please wear closed toed shoes. no flip flops or sandals.
  • Proof of dog’s vaccination required.
  • Up to date deworming and flea/tick prevention is highly recommended.

The field is mowed by conventional mower and by rotational grazing of sheep and cows so there “fertilizer'(aka manure) can be found.

**Please Note– The fences are 48″ high and have 4″x4″ holes. This means it keeps honest dogs in! Dogs capable of jumping 4′ or squeezing thru small spaces may not be the best fit unless they have good recall. While the field is quite secluded and private, there is a possibility of wildlife, farm equipment and livestock in the adjacent fields. Working on a long line is welcome for those still in training.

++In winter, there can be snow/ice build up at the fenceline. Mostly at the corners but please be aware.

$15/ per hour for 1 person up to 3 dogs(same family)

$20/ per hour for 2 people up to 6 dogs(2 families)

Monthly Pass (Best Value!!) Up to Daily 1 hour drop in- up to 2 people and 4 dogs $75.00

Dog trainers with clients receive 10% off.

Please ensure you have filled out appropriate client forms and signed the electronic waiver PRIOR to arriving for your tour.