Rates and Location

Dog Boarding

Daily Rate :​​
Under 20lbs: $22.00
20-74lbs $23.00
+75lbs $25.00
Intact dogs add $2.00
Have more than 1 dog that can share a suite? Please inquire about our “sharing” discount.  *Must be from same household*
*Daily rates plus GST

Dog Daycare

Day stay(individual or group play): $22.00
7- Day Package: $140.00
*plus GST

Cat Boarding


Daily Rate:

Single Cat:

1 cat: $14.00

2 Sharing $24.00

3 Sharing $30.00


*Daily Rates plus GST

Small Pet/Pocket Pet Boarding

We also board​​
-Guinea Pigs
*Daily Rate:$5-12 plus GST


Overnight Parking: $5 per day plus gst. Please book ahead as there is limited space available.